Nourishing & Flavorful Wellness

In the hustle city life, we often overlook the importance of health.
But within a simple bowl of soup lies the age-old wisdom that food is our best medicine. Ecolite Soup Bag Series, where tradition meets innovation in a flavorful fusion designed to nourish your body and soul.

Health and Well-being

Ecolite Soup Bag selects high-quality ingredients and uses pure natural Chinese medicine extraction to ensure the soup is full of nutrition. We refrain from adding any artificial additives or preservatives, allowing you to indulge with peace of mind and reap the nourishing benefits of our soups.

Daily Nourishment

In the rush of life, we often neglect to take care of what we eat and drink! Ecolite Soup Bag series provides an easy way to enjoy the benefits of daily nourishment without the hassle of preparation and cooking. Whether you’re at the office, traveling or amidst outdoor activities, our soup bags offer the perfect daily supplement for your well-being.

Convenience and Delight

Time is money! Ecolite Soup Bag Series is specially designed for convenience, requiring no cooking or heating. Simply add hot water, and you’ll effortlessly savor the fresh and delightful flavors of our soups.

Sharing the Tradition

The homology of medicine and food is the essence of the culture of health maintenance. We hope that more people will recognize and experience the charm of the culture of health maintenance and enjoy the beauty of medicinal food together through our soup bad series.

Let Ecolite be your companion in healthy living, bringing warmth, comfort and flavor to your life.




Together we enjoy a deeper understanding
for your health & wellness.