1. Will my orders be saved for future viewing?

Yes. Your history of purchase will be saved for viewing only if u Register / Sign In at the time of purchase.

2. Do I get a receipt upon payment?

No, but an official invoice will be email to you once the payment has been made.

3. What are the payment options available?

We support the payment options below:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Online Banking

4. How can I know my payment is successful?

You will receive an email confirming your payment (Invoice). It may take up to 24 hours for your order status to update from pending to processing. Note that status viewing is only applicable when you Register/Sign in at the time of purchase.

5. Is there any extra charge if I make payment via Credit card/iPay88?

No, there is no service charge.

6. Do you ship to PO Box?

No. Please select a residential or office address where we can ship your order.

7. Do you ship overseas?

No. We only take orders within Malaysia at the moment.

8. When will I receive my order?

After your order is confirmed, you can expect to receive your order within the time frame:

  • Central & Southern Malaysia: 2-7 working days
  • Northern Malaysia: 2-7 working Days
  • East Malaysia: 3-10 working Days

9. Where can I track my order status?

An email with tracking number will forwarded to you for tracking order status.

10. Kindly email your enquiries to marketing@ecolite.com.my or call +6011 1257 3055