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Join Now For 6 Exclusive Benefits

Lifetime cardless membership

RM1 = 1 Qi积分
RM1 = 1 Qi point

(100 Qi积分=RM1)
Redeem with Qi points
(100 Qi = RM1)

2x Qi points during promotion period

5x Qi points on birthday month

Invites to exclusive member deals

How to EnerQi?

资格 / Qualifications
Malaysian, age 18 and above

注册 / Register
Purchase RM30 worth of products or provide a fee of RM30

集Qi / Gain Qi
每消费RM1可获得1 Qi积分付账时注明登记电话号码
RM1 = 1 Qi point
Present registered phone number during payment

兑换 / Redeem
每100 Qi积分可兑换RM1,注明登记电话号码即可兑换现金礼券或等值商品
100 Qi points = RM1
Present registered phone number to redeem cash vouchers or products

Terms Of Use

  • EnerQi会员申请者必须是在申请当日已年满18岁的马来西亚公民。
  • 在任何一家Ecolite Concept Store 消费满RM30 或支付RM30会员费即可申请。
  • 成功申请当日即刻可累积Qi积分。
  • 付账时注明登记电话号码,即可累积Qi积分及享有会员利益。
  • 付款时若无法出示会员证明将无法累积积分或享有会员利益。
  • 一切交易皆以马币进行。每消费RM1皆可获得1 Qi积分(举例:消费RM98.80可获98 Qi积分)。 所累积的Qi积分将在24小时内加入户口,而且不会逾期。
  • 会员在生日月份内消费可享有5倍Qi积分,促销期间消费则可享有2倍Qi积分。若生日月份适逢促销,能享有最高5倍Qi积分。
  • Qi积分可用于下次在Ecolite Store的消费,每100 Qi积分可兑换价值相当于RM1的礼券或产品。会员也可选择透过多次累积Qi积分兑换价值更高的商品。
  • 礼券的面值为RM10,适用于Ecolite Store。从兑换日期起,每张礼券使用期限为三个月。礼券不能兑换现金。 逾期、损坏之礼券一概不予理会。
  • Ecolite Pharma Sdn Bhd保有不另行通知的情况下修改EnerQi回馈计划条规的权利。
  • In order to register to be an EnerQi member, the registrant must be a Malaysian citizen and be at least 18 years old, on the date of registration.
  • To join, register at any Ecolite Concept Stores with a minimum purchase of RM30 or with a fee of RM30.
  • Each valid member may start gaining Qi Points immediately on the day of registration.
  • To gain Qi Points and enjoy benefits, members must present their registered phone number to the cashier before a purchase.
  • No Points or benefit will be awarded if a membership is not verified at the cashiers during payment.
  • All transactions must be made in Ringgit Malaysia. Every RM1 spent entitles to 1 Qi Point (Ex. a receipt of RM98.80 will gain 98 Qi Points). The Qi Points gained will be reflected in the account within twenty-four (24) hours and will not expire.
  • Members are entitled to enjoy 5x Qi points throughout the birthday month and 2x Qi points during the promotion period. However, when the birthday month overlaps with a promotion period, only a maximum of 5x Qi points will be rewarded.
  • Qi Points can be redeemed during the next purchase at any Ecolite Store at a conversion rate of 100 Qi points to RM1 worth of cash voucher or products. Members may also choose to continue accumulating Qi points through several purchases and redeem vouchers of a higher value at a later date.
  • Vouchers are available in RM10 value. Vouchers can be used to redeem purchases at Ecolite Stores. Each voucher is valid for 3months from the date of redemption. Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash. EnerQi is not responsible for replacing expired and damaged vouchers.
  • Ecolite Pharma Sdn Bhd reserves the right, to amend any of the terms of use of the EnerQi Rewards programme without prior notice.