• Ecolite Signature Retailer is an exclusive retail outlet for the Ecolite brand in designated regions. We will select suitable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) retail stores based on regional population and sales performance. These partner merchants will have exclusive rights to sell related products and use the brand within their designated regions
  • Ecolite will establish dedicated display counters within the designated retailers. This is a shop-in-shop display model.
  • Ecolite enters into a contract with the retailer, granting them the rights to use the brand and sell the products. Ecolite also commits to assisting in promotion, product advertising, and organizing various offline promotional activities.
  • Ecolite utilizes the designated retailer to serve the local community, facilitating the sharing of resources from online to offline channels.
  • Ecolite will strictly control the retail prices of the designated retailers, ensuring stable profit returns for each retailer.
  • At the initial stage, Ecolite will prohibit the designated retailers from selling products online (including various e-commerce platforms and social media platforms) to ensure the common interests of all sales partners.
  • Seasonal unified product promotions and assistance with promotion campaigns to help our “authorized retailers” achieve their best sales performance.


According to unofficial statistics, the 1980s to 1990s marked the peak period for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shops, with approximately 6,000 nationwide during that time. However, with the entry of Western-style pharmacies, the COVID-19 pandemic, and various tax-related events such as GST and SST, the number of TCM shops has declined sharply by over 50% to date.

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, there comes an excellent market opportunity following the relative crisis. According to market research in 2024, there is a growing demand for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) health and wellness products. Additionally, the wellness trend is becoming increasingly youthful. The only thing lacking for traditional TCM shops is an opportunity. By seizing the chance to transform and improve their business models, embracing both online and offline promotional opportunities, TCM shops can once again reach their peak.

Ecolite has also launched the “Ecolite Signature Retailer” model based on years of accumulated cooperation and understanding with traditional Chinese medicine shops. Through the new Signature product series and integrated online and offline promotional modes, Ecolite empowers traditional Chinese medicine shops with the Ecolite brand endorsement. This new product lineup and promotional strategy address various pain points while creating a fresh joint business model. Ecolite believes that through the specialized counter model of authorized retailing, it can continuously create more value for both parties and provide consumers with a better shopping experience.

The operational pain points of
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) retailers may include:

Existing community's customer base is aging

Products are lack of branding strategy & exposure

Young generation lack of knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine retailers are lack of online presence

A qualified TCM practitioner is required for prescribed medication

Lack of clear branding and inconsistent marketing and pricing strategies

Lack of innovative and sustainable business models

Strict regulations on Traditional Chinese Medicine


Together we enjoy a
deeper understanding
for your health & wellness.