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Malaysia became the 1st country authorized to export bird’s nest to China since Year 2013.
Ecolite’s bird’s nest were among the 1st batch of high-quality bird’s nest permitted for export to China at that time. ECOLITE also one of the earliest bird’s nest manufacturers in Malaysia and provides OEM services for numerous bird’s nest brands domestically and internationally.

Production of Bottled Bird's Nest

ECOLITE’s professional processing method not only preserves the texture of bird’s nest and also retains their optimal benefits, distinguishing it from conventional processing techniques. We adhere that no chemical substances are added, ensuring that each mouthful is pure and natural, providing consumers with a healthy and reassuring choice!
Procedure of ECOLITE bottled bird’s nest begin with thorough cleaning using RO purified water and manual removal of impurities to ensure cleanliness. Subsequently, the cleaned bird’s nests are dried with cold air. Then will undergo stewing using exclusive techniques followed by high-temperature sterilization. Professional quality control measures are implemented to ensure compliance with all standards. Finally, the products are packaged in a specially designated sterile environment.

Benefits of Bird's Nest

Bird’s nest is a luxurious and delicate ingredient, considered a precious supplement in cuisine. It is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals, offering various benefits: enhancing the immune system, promoting metabolism, nourishing and replenishing the lungs, clearing heat from the intestines, and improving skin health.

ECOLITE follows a comprehensive food quality and safety traceability system, providing complete information for each bottle of bird’s nest. We prioritize naturalness and meticulousness to safeguard your health.



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