To Good Health 为健康喝彩

Ecolite Culture

The Ecolite Culture

Our culture is our attitude towards everything we do, work, life and play.
It is what we stand for throughout the years and has become our character through everyday practices.

Ecolite Brand Values

Brand Values

We portray our values through sharing all knowledge we have and translating them into simple-to-understand ways to help people be in balance. This enhances our high expectations to be perceived as a trustworthy, user-friendly and an inspiring brand in the hearts of consumers.

The wisdom of traditional remedies is our highest asset in helping people be well. From sourcing for the best possible ingredients to formulating remedies, we have the knowledge to deliver peace of mind.

Simple is understanding. Simple is convenience. And simple is how we make the knowledge of traditional remedies easier to understand by making nourishing remedies accessible in convenient ways without compromise.

Living a balanced life is about fulfilling the must-dos and love-to-dos. And it is only with good health that one can own the energy to accomplish beyond the to-do list. Therefore, we are dedicated to spreading health awareness through proper nourishment to encourage and help people bring their body and lifestyle back into balance.

Ecolite One Big Family

Corporate Spirit

We keep our spirits high throughout the company as an encouragement for self-improvement, teamwork, and to be the healthiest workplace on earth.

Be Well

At Ecolite, we believed that good health starts with nourishing well because it is the basic of gaining the energy to do things for the greater good. Good for helping others, self-improvements, pursuing dreams and doing the things that we once thought were impossible. And this belief has remained strong in all that we do.

Passion to Help

Our passion for helping people be well has never changed since the beginning, and it is the heart of what we do till today. The extended knowledge of traditional remedies allows us to help millions live better through convenient nourishing formulas as a method to manage their everyday wellness. We also dedicated ourselves to sharing the essence of our knowledge through simple ways so people can understand and be educated about the importance of staying well.

Take the Challenge

Challenge is an aspect of personal growth, and we strongly encourage everyone in the company to bring forward any thoughts, ideas or suggestions whenever there are doubts, troubles, challenges and task, so we are able to improve and face the challenge to seek for a better solution.

One Big Family

Our employees and stakeholders are Ecolite’s backbone for support and growth, just like families do. And as a family, we are working towards our aim to be the best place to work, with, benefits, security, growth, respect, togetherness and more through MyFamily, a programme that nurtures and instil family values throughout the company.

Ecolite One Big Family

One Big Ecolite Family